Rejuvenate with Jan – Detox Cleanse Juice Fasting Retreat in California – 30+ Years Experience – Less than 2 hours from Los Angeles

“This has been an amazing experience. You created a safe focused environment to be able to do this. You have a wealth of knowledge. The education I am taking away with me has changed my relationship with food and my body in such a positive healthy way – exactly what I was looking for and my goal through this program. This is the best gift I have given to myself.”


Be happy and alive!  Have a life full of energy and LOVE!  Learn about yourself and have the life you’ve always dreamed of.  This is the most effective Detox Juice Fasting Retreat program to make REAL LIFE-CHANGING and LASTING RESULTS in the shortest amount of time possible…and I make it all very clear and simple for you.

Are you at a crossroads in life?  Are you dealing with sadness, grief, loneliness, and/or uncertainty?  Are you wanting to make changes and just don’t have the willpower or motivation to do it?  Are you dealing with the loss of a job, loved one, house, or relationship?  Are you having difficulties with parents, children, or relatives?  Do you have toxic people in your life or in your work? Even when life is going as planned it can be stressful.

Do you feel tired with no energy?  No zest for life?  This can be completely turned around in just 5 days.  It’s hard to believe however absolutely true!  You will feel like you are flying with a cape on when you leave!

I do my best to keep prices as low as possible without cutting corners. If I were to run the retreat out of my house that would make prices much lower however I much prefer the ambiance of a full-service spa located in a boutique Spa-tel (10 rooms) with the hot natural mineral waters. We are in our own PEACEFUL, PRIVATE bubble here. No outside distractions. There is no restaurant onsite (wafting food smells/temptation). No one cooking, partying, having cocktails, bar-b-queuing or eating in front of you. I only allow fasters doing the program on premises making it a powerful experience. All this makes it much more effective with long-lasting results and LIFE-CHANGING results.

This Juice Fasting Detox Cleansing Holistic Palm Springs California Spa Retreat is not just for the physical benefits, of which there are many. It is very much a mental, emotional and Spiritual Cleansing.  Out with the old to make room for the new…yes, it’s cliche’, however very much true.

The Rejuvenate with Jan Detox Cleansing Fasting Retreat is much more effective and long-lasting that a juice fasting retreat. That is my humble however very experienced opinion. A juice fasting retreat has fruit juice on it and mine doesn’t. That is only one of the reasons.

  • I only use FRESH ORGANIC Green Juice (juiced daily) for my program.
  • I am going for life-changing long-lasting results. That will not happen if fruit juice is used.

When you are finished with the Detox Cleansing Juice Fasting you will have the willpower, clarity and motivation to make all of the changes you want to.  You will have a new lease on life. You will have hit that reset button.  It will be a new start and it will be easy for you to see what you need, want and desire for yourself and in your life.  You will be able to find and experience the happiness that true health can bring.

You really can be “high” on life.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain!!  It’s all about perspective and once you have finished the Detox Juice Fasting Cleanse you will be able to focus on the positives in life and it will be drawn to you.  You will be able to deal with whatever life will throw at you and all its abundance and joys.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have always imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau

About the Rejuvenate with Jan Juice Fasting Detox Cleansing California Retreat

With so many “Cleanses” out there it can be overwhelming deciding on the right Detox Juice Fast Retreat for you. One size Juice Fasting Cleanse Retreat doesn’t fit all and just because places say they offer “Juice or RAW food” Juice Fast Detox cleanses doesn’t mean they have the expertise and knowledge that is needed to do a safe and effective Detox program. My Holistic Juice Fasting Cleansing and Detox Retreat program is the result of traveling the world and finding out first hand what I feel is most effective. I continue to seek out The Best possible methods of Cleansing and Detoxifying, for others and myself. We also offer Yoga, Meditation, Sauna, Natural Hot Mineral Spring Waters, Full Service Spa and Breathwork. We Care More!

What’s different about the Rejuvenate with Jan Detox Cleansing Juice Fast California Retreat is that I will be guiding you through the entire Cleanse not just giving you a book and instructions on what to do. I am there on-site with you pretty much day and night. You are never really alone. I am always close by if you need me. This is not a “self-guided” experience.

Everyone on site is Juice Fasting so there are no other guests there eating and drinking making it difficult for you. It is very important to not have to deal with non-Fasters around. THIS COULD MAKE OR BREAK YOUR FASTING/DETOX EXPERIENCE.

I have been doing Juice Fasting Cleanses myself for over 30 years personally and 20+ years professionally. I always begin with a Detox prescreening process and if I don’t think this Cleansing is a good fit for you I will refer you to a place that I feel will be a great fit for you and your health.

One of the reasons that a Juice Fast Cleanse is so dramatically effective is that it commonly removes stress and dis-ease causing “toxic” emotions. It is amazing how quickly people respond to just one Detox Cleansing Retreat. The Cleanse itself is foolproof. It WILL work!! All you have to do is SHOW UP and do what is recommended. I am here to help you and to guide you through the whole Detox Juice Fasting process.

Commercially, this is known as a “Fasting” Cleanse because there is no solid food, only liquids. Fasting Retreats allow the body to concentrate its resources on healing.  By not having to digest, your body can more effectively eliminate toxins by using 100% of its energy to Rejuvenate, Renew, and Rebuild itself.

Fasting may sound severe, but you will be consuming Cleansing and nourishing products that help Detoxify and supplement the body.  I educate you during our daily class on why it’s so important to eliminate all the toxins from your body by Fasting and why it’s so important to rest allowing your body to heal. Your health, well-being and SAFETY are my main concerns and the utmost importance to me. This is a very intense and effective Detox Cleansing Juice Fasting Retreat. Actually more powerful than just a Juice Fast offered at other facilities.

You are supplemented almost every hour from the minute you wake up til when you go to bed. It’s all good going in and all bad coming out. Most people will be getting way more nutritional supplementation than they would normally get when eating their regular diet.

There is NO FRUIT juice on this program. Only GREEN JUICE. There is no point in feeding parasites, yeast, inflammation and other disease and ailments with any sugar in Juice form. I want you to get rid of your cravings for sugar, carbs, and alcohol. To do this you will not be having even sugary Juices like beet or carrot. This is life-changing for anyone who craves anything unhealthy or toxic. You will come out with only healthy cravings…which is such a relief for people that struggle every day with these issues.

As the Cleansing begins to work its “magic”, POUNDS of toxic accumulations are released from the alimentary canal and then toxic overloads are expelled from the liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatic system, along with the colon.

AFTER the Cleanse you will feel great! You will be so proud of yourself that you got through it and you will also be surprised how easy it is to do when you are with a group of people going through the same thing at the same time. It really is an empowering experience.

One of my goals is for you to leave on a better health plan than when you arrived. Please understand, I am not offering any new fad or idea. They may be new to you at this time…they may not. These ideas have been around for CENTURIES. All you have to do is SHOW UP and do what is recommended. I know I already said this. I just wanted to say it again!!

I am telling you that there is hope for you yet!! HOPE…what a great thing that is. Another is JOY…I almost changed my name to it!

I would like to help you shed the negative thoughts and POUNDS of toxins from your body and have a renewed ZEST for life and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Please feel welcome and excited to take this journey with me!!!!

BEWARE OF SIDE EFFECTS!! You may also feel a “natural high”, bouts of extreme euphoria, laughter, giggling,  joy and happiness.  So beware…this may also have a lasting effect until well after the Cleansing is over!!!

All of this information is important and needed for you to make the right decision for your Detox Fasting Cleansing experience. Please read what my former & returning Fasters have said about my program and contact me with any questions. I look forward to helping you through your road to health and happiness.

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