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Yelp Reviews – 25 Years Experience

The reason I am putting these reviews on my website is because I am very frustrated with Yelp.  They have a filtering system that just doesn’t work and I can’t get it fixed.  They hide reviews that they label “not currently recommended”.  ALL of these reviews are by REAL and LEGIT guests that have come time and time again to the retreat and loved it.  So, if you do go onto the actual Yelp site then please look for the small grey writing that says “not currently recommended”.  Please read these reviews as guests are upset they are not being shown since they took the time to write them.  Just so you know, the below reviews are the same ones…just letting you know for future reference.  Thanks so much for your time!  XOXO Jan.
Nancy R.
San Diego, California

What an incredible week!! My daughter and I had never been to a cleanse before and really had no idea of how much detail and knowledge was about to be bestowed upon us…

You cannot imagine how much time, work and thought has gone into creating this extremely organized, detailed, and complete week.  From start to finish this really is a complete program packed with years and years of expertise, all simplified for you into a very effective week of cleansing and treatments. Jan has thought of everything AND SHE LETS NO ONE FAIL!
All the details to the minutia are thought of and taken care of for you so that you have a result driven week that is amazingly relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s truly hard to believe, as I look back, this entire week is created and directed by Jan, who is there with you every step of the way.  She is always available to you, accessible, totally knowledgable, caring, and thorough.  She’s fun, entertaining, and always upbeat. We are looking forward to coming back!

I’d love to share some of the special little personal touches and amenities she provides….but I don’t want to spoil it for you!!

Shelly F.
Midtown East, Manhattan

Wonderful retreat! I did not know what to expect since it was my 1st time here, but I am very satisfied with everything. I learned so much that I have been able to implement after the retreat. I feel more at peace, happier, positive as well as with more energy and have slimmed down 😀

Jan is always accessible before, during and after the retreat. I tried to fast for a day after the retreat but that proved hard. It was easier at the retreat because everyone who is there is also fasting, you get to relax and deal with your emotions without the hasle of every day life.

If possible I would definitely come back, its a necessary vacation that helps destress and gets you ready physically and emotionally for your regular activities, work and life 😀

Thank you Jan!!

Kimberly V.
Keller, Texas

The retreat was everything that Jan said it would be.  She told me that the detox will not only impact me physically but also emotionally & mentally, it is absolutely true.  I think it snuck up on me when I wasn’t expecting it because the first day I was absolutely fine.  So I thought that maybe I would be someone who just breezes through this.   Well starting the  afternoon of day 2 and especially day 3, I realized I wasn’t.  That’s where faith and Jan’s expertise comes in:)

I am so grateful to her for the gift that she provided to both myself and others.

If it wasn’t for Jan, I would continue through life without being able to be the person that I was meant to be.  I have let life and work stress wear me down and as a result I have become someone I don’t want to be, not the person I was meant to be.

I feel 1000 times better than I did before.  I lost 6 pounds and I also feel better.  My taste buds have been reset.  I gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition, myself & how I have been affected by poor choices.

I am forever grateful to Jan and the service that she provides so that others can benefit from her knowledge and experience.

Crysta W.
Victoria, Canada
I just finished a five day fast and retreat with Jan. I loved the entire experience!! Jan is knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated. She is unapologetically herself – honest, vivacious and candid. She adds her personal touch to everything and the result is delightful. The products that Jan provides for the cleanse are excellent. Jan isn’t a big believer in a lot of supplements and while she provides helpful advice, she doesn’t push products at all which is nice. She also encourages natural approaches which I think is important (for instance, alkalizing water with lemon). For me, the cleanse was real and taught me how to approach my health at home, recognizing the imperfect environments we live in and the challenging situations we face by the minute. I also liked that the retreat wasn’t heavily structured and that I was ultimately responsible for my own experience. The resort itself was nice with very helpful staff. Jan was helpful from beginning to end, providing insight on the personalities of the therapists and referrals to great local and online resources. I had a great time and am excited to make this an annual tradition!  I highly recommend Jan and the Rejuvenate With Jan cleanse and retreat!
Valerie P.
Simi Valley, CA
I was at the same week with Crysta and Apryl and have to agree with Crysta. It was a great week! This was actually my fourth time attending the cleanse and every time I’m glad I went. Jan has a pure heart and clearly wants the best for everyone.As a repeat faster I have heard all the lectures many times so I really do appreciate the fact that Jan allows room for spontaneity and for all of us to comment and chime in. Often the people attending have a great deal of experience or knowledge in their own right and Jan makes no pretense at having all the answers. I always learn something new, get to know my fellow fasters better and am also always confident that if I am really curious about something Jan will be available after the class to talk with me for as long, or little, as I desire. During this week Jan really puts her fasters first!Fasting for five days can be a miserable and lonely experience. With Jan it isn’t! :)This being my fourth time I’ve worked with almost all the therapists. Jenny, the colon therapist, is the only person I would allow to do a colonic on me! 😉 She is the best and don’t be scared if it is your first time. Lisa is a fantastic masseuse and took my migraines away!!! Eugenia is amazing but she was so booked up that I wasn’t able to get a facial with her. Be sure to budget some money for the treatments as they are so worthwhile!!Oh, and if you are thinking about doing it for the first time please be assured that Jan really will hold your hand and make sure you are supported throughout. In fact, even though this was my fourth time I did have a few rough days. My husband wanted to make sure I mentioned how grateful he was that Jan kept checking in on me as he couldn’t come this time!


M T.
Venice, CA

I’ve done Jan’s fast 5 times…I love to come every year, after I finish a long stint of work full of stress, too much eating, and too much drinking. Every time I do the fast I get something new and different out of my experience.

Since going I’ve been able to address problems with allergies, acne, blood sugar levels, weight gain, and this last retreat, the grief over the recent loss of a loved one.

The retreat stresses the mind and body connect by offering gentle Yoga, and  Transformational Breathwork sessions which help release pent up emotions.

Jan is very experienced with helping fasters, it’s a very safe and supportive environment.  In her, you’ll find a friend for life.


Dahlia S.
South Pasadena, CA

Jan’s program for Detox Fast and Cleanse helped me enormously. I lost twelve pounds in five days, and most importantly became more motivated to continue losing weight and improving my health. Jan has lots of valuable information about digestion, elimination, and practical steps and advice for achieving overall health.


S. Alan S.

I have traveled to Desert Hot Springs twice after difficult tours overseas, where the diet and lifestyle were not conducive to being healthy. With her friendly demeanor and gentle support, Jan creates an atmosphere of learning and health. I have done other cleanses and fasts, but find that the best results are always with Jan. The benefits of being on a true retreat – in a beautiful setting with great weather and a flexible schedule – cannot be overestimated. I’ve recommended Jan’s retreats to a few friends and absolutely recommend them for you too!


Lisa B.
Blythewood, SC

At the suggestion of a friend, I joined her at one of Jan’s cleanse about 4 years ago. I had no idea what to expect but after speaking with Jan on the phone, I was confident that it was going to be a good experience. Little did I know that I was about to change my life for the better.

I was someone that was way stressed, not eating right, and had a few toxic people in my life that were not doing me any good. To sum it up, I was sick and did not even know it from eating poorly and not getting enough rest. Was I scared when I found out that I was not going to be eating solid food for 5 days, absolutely! I was concerned because I was a carb addict and when my blood sugar went down, I turn into low-glycemic bi*@# and I was sharing a room with my poor friend who I wanted to keep as a friend long after the cleanse. Jan promised that I would not be hungry and everything would be ok.

Happy to say that I made it! Not only did I make it, I looked and felt fantastic. My mom commented when I returned that my skin had never looked better!

Jan is a fantastic and motivating facilitator! Her enthusiasm and willingness to help in any way she can is wonderful and makes it worth every penny.

I learned so much and continue to educate myself 4 years later. Jan has always answered my questions and is a wealth of knowledge. She truly believes in what she does and is personally vested in every one of her clients.

This past March, I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy at the age of 41 without the use of IVF or non-natural methods. My doctor credits my good healthy eating and exercise was the main factor. I plan on doing another cleanse as soon as I finish nursing.  Thanks, Jan!! Love you!!

Hiram V.
San Pedro, CA

My wife and I went to the 7-day cleanse together with an open mind. my wife had allergies, migraines, and was feeling fatigue. popping pills for relief was common. right from the start JAN was attentive to questions and concerns we had. she was informative and comforting. we followed JAN’S plan, which she has a written daily check off sheet, and by the end of the cleanse we both benefited greatly. not only did my wife lose 9 pounds, I lost 13, we both felt rejuvenated and energized. yes, after a fast we felt energized! for almost 3 months my wife went without symptoms of allergies or migraines. we have been to JAN’S cleanse several times since then. I recommend this fast and cleanse to everyone.


My wife was suffering from migraines and allergies. Both, her and I, were feeling tired and worn… My wife was suffering from migraines and allergies. Both, her and I, were feeling tired and worn out. My wife’s massage therapist suggested a cleanse. I researched cleanses and I came across Jan’s cleanse. I spoke to Jan and gathered excellent information and needless to say, we both headed off to the cleanse. WOW…. not having high expectations and just going with the flow for my wife, I can say it changed my life. First of all, Jan chooses locations that allow you to escape from outside distractions and to concentrate on healing your body and mind. Second, from the minute you walk in the door, Jan is there for any of your needs or questions. She makes you feel at ease and confident that you will get through it all! It is a regiment that allows you to succeed and although it is a fasting retreat, you are given supplements, juices, and a special treat at night…. it will not be a” starvation vacation”. The colonics are mind blowing, just because of what your body has been holding on for years. Midway through the week I felt alert and energetic. After a week, I was so inspired to do better, to eat better, and had a positive state of mind. “No stinking thinking” are Jan’s words. Her helpful information is still stamped in my head… my first cleanse was 6 years ago! I highly recommend Jan’s cleanse to anyone wanting to invest in your long term well being.


Ellen P.
Palm Springs, CA

Detox, Learn, Relax and Repeat! That’s what goes on at this retreat. I just completed the retreat, feeling better than I ever have in my life. Jan has a super reputation, so I decided to experience for myself. Besides losing toxic colon waste, I emerged with a greater love for myself and optimism about coping with grief, financial and personal challenges. It was perfect timing since my mom died a few weeks ago. I loved the fact that only fasters were on the property, so we never had to see or smell food. I wasn’t hungry at all, as Jan nourishes you constantly. There are also many healthy activities to keep you busy and keep your mind off of pizza, etc. She is onsite every step of the way, day and night and her door is always open. The management team at Lido Palms always made sure we were all comfortable. I am a lifelong foodie. However, now I know how to make the right healthy choices that make a difference. Out of everything I have done to lose weight,, what I learned there makes the most sense. There are wonderful spa treatments available in Lido’s onsite spa. Oh, and the mineral waters are a plus and available all day and nite. I know I will ‘repeat’ in about 6 months. This was my new start in life and just what I needed at this time.


Marie S.
Bend, OR

My husband and I attended the fasting retreat at the Lido Palms Resort and Spa and found the experience comfortable and healing with the help of the responsive staff and soothing waters. Jan Minter’s diligence to what works and her years of both experience and study helped create very stable changes for me. I feel so good in my body and clearer in my own work. I am deeply grateful for this experience and have already signed up for next year.


John S.
Bethesda, MD

Jan’s holistic detox fast is better than advertised! It is basically the best week of my year. Jan is knowledgeable, very attentive to everyone’s needs and is extremely experienced in all manner of fasting and healthy living. This is basically an investment in one’s future, and is much more than just a one-week fast. It’s a way to get rid of everything negative in one’s life and hit the “reset” button to one’s soul. The accommodations are superb, the mineral waters soothing and the entire week flies back way too fast. Highly recommend for anyone who feels a little “stuck” in their everyday lives. Can’t wait to go back.
Jan Minter’s holistic detox fasting retreats are one of the joys of the world, a total antidote to… Jan Minter’s holistic detox fasting retreats are one of the joys of the world, a total antidote to our fast-paced society. I have been to two, and they have been among the best two weeks of my life. Jan is a total pro who knows the concept of the detox fasting retreat inside and out. The fasts are done in a controlled environment, only with a dozen or so other fasters. Because the group is so small, Jan is able to personally
oversee every faster’s individual progress. In case anyone was wondering, you don’t go hungry. There is plenty of water (hot springs water!!), tea, juice and even a cup of soup most evenings. There are also very knowledgeable nutrition seminars most evenings chaired by Jan, who conveys her knowledge in a cordial, informative yet informal way. There is plenty of opportunity for light exercise, yoga, sunbathing and, of course, dips in Desert Hot Springs’ wonderfully pure water. I not only rid myself of toxins during the week, but made a few friendships, learned lessons I still carry over until today and generally just gained immense knowledge on how to eat properly and live a clean and active life. I cannot wait to return.


Lori P.
Carefree, AZ

Wow talk about AMAZING!!! What an incredible REJUVENATION & DETOX week! Having had migraines all my
life & cluster headaches weekly taking all assorted meds to fix the problem instead of finding a solution. I finally decided to change my life & push the reset button. So I went on a healthy QUEST & started a nutritional regime & decided to book a week w Rejuvenate with Jan detox retreat. Jan is a beautiful spirit w a fun sense of humor & very caring. I didn’t expect was to feel so good & not have headaches during the detox (important to pre-cleanse). So not only did I feel great, but every day was busy..All the massage therapists were skilled! Learned valuable lessons in Jan’s nutrition classes. Met interesting people as well as made a few lifelong friends. It was ALL I hoped it could be & MORE. What a wonderful opportunity to get yourself HEALTHY!!! I left with a huge SMILE on my FACE & in my HEART!!! Thank you Jan for offering this wonderful Opportunity!

You are a BLESSING to the WORLD!!!


Doris M.
Saint Paul, MN

Rejuvenate with Jan was an enlightening experience and so overdue, after 21 years of
taking care of my family it was first time I took a trip all about me. Not only did I eradicate toxins in my body I cleaned my mind and spirit as well. The entire program is conducive to accomplish a total mind and body experience,. I learned allot about fitness and nutrition during my weight loss journey but I never knew about true digestion in stomach and colon and after seeing buildup of many years being released during the colon cleanse I was truly amazed . I feel amazing,just jump start I needed after holidays, everyone looked radiant by the end of week, I’ll be back in future because it was worth every penny, best money I ever spent 🙂 try it you’ll love it too..


Laura D.

My sister and I attended Rejuvenate with Jan in August of 2013. I had been trying to get my sister to join me for a cleanse for a couple of years and I’m so glad we chose “Rejuvenate with Jan”. What an awesome retreat! Jan is very knowledgeable about so many things and gave us a lot of good information to take home with us. She made our cleanse fun and relaxing and she is so caring with each and every one of her clients. I would definitely recommend her retreat.


Chris M.
Tustin, CA

I have been suffering with a immune disease for almost a year taking massive amounts of medications to kill the disease and supplements to replace what I was killing. For 9 months I was in bed with fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, blurred vision and about 3 pages of other symptoms that I won’t go into. I felt so toxic I decided I needed to clean out my body. I didn’t have a lot of time to take off and found Jan’s cleanse and signed up. Well, I had no idea how much I would benefit from this. Day 3 I called my husband at 6am SO excited, thinking clearly, in no pain, awake and feeling SO ALIVE I had to tell him his wife was back. I can’t thank Jan enough for what she does for her fasters. She is such a caring, loving, compassionate person I feel truly blessed to have her in my life and thankful for what she offers. This experience has changed my life. If you are in need of a jump start to wellness or even a change in your life I would recommend Jan’s program. Go in with no expectations and just walk through this journey. It’s amazing! Thank you Jan for everything!


Yobo B.
Elkton, SD

My husband and I went to a retreat with Rejuvenate with Jan in July. It was a great experience. I have tried fasting before but never with this kind of success. The system that Jan follows is great and having all of the attendees at the retreat location limited to fasters really helps ease through the process. I give only the highest ratings to Jan, the colonic administrator, and the massage therapists. Serious about your health, cleanse your gut now!


Lori C.
Venice, CA

If you want to really, I mean TRULY, do yourself a favor then sign up with Jan immediately. She will take top care of you while teaching you how to care for yourself. I have been 3 times now and know that a week with Jan alwaysputs me back on course to make my life better.


Scott P.
Simi Valley, CA

My sister was the first one to attend one of Jan’s retreats. Upon her recommendation my wife and I went together. Since then my wife has been back at least once and maybe twice? I’m not sure because there have been many times she would have liked to go and we couldn’t make it happen due to logistics so it has become blurred. In the meantime my mother-in-law is with Jan now!

I figured actions speak louder than words so thought it best to start with a description of our family’s actions. For what it is worth every time any of us have gone there is always people there that have been multiple times in the past. Jan truly runs a great retreat. She is
knowledgeable, caring and committed to each and every participant having the best experience possible. Over the years she has truly designed an excellent program. Me, my wife, and my extended family can all confidently recommend her!

If you have any questions about what the program actually entails her website is very informative and if you still have questions about specifics now that you know it is a quality program feel free to drop her a line and ask away. Jan is very approachable and worth speaking to!


Annabelle C.
Vallejo, CA

My husband and I did a week long fast with Jan and it was truly a wonderful life changing experience for both of us. She is extremely knowledgeable and such a joy to be around. She has an incredible presence, very positive, confident and reassuring. She taught us so much, and helped us get through the fast. I was really nervous about it because my husband and I both suffer from hypoglycemia. But there was no need to worry because Jan took such great care of us, and we had no problems at all completing the week long fast. Probably the best money we have ever spent, because clearing our systems of those old toxins will add years of health to our lives. I would love to be able to fast for a week with Jan every year. It is probably the single best investment one could ever make in their health.


Elizabeth M.
Grass Valley, CA

Fasting with Jan is one of my favorite things I can do for myself. I have done the week-long fast with her several times now. Fasting can be difficult for many reasons and Jan is there every step of the way to help and support the process. She educates and shares personal experiences in a way that allows me to feel safe and relax into the fast. I recommend her any chance I get!


Hellie W.
Torrance, CA

I decided to go to Jan’s detox after having been through a serious operation and many different types of medications. I wanted to cleanse my body and mind, get back to feeling myself. WOW…this was exactly what I needed. I loved it SO much, that I returned the following year. It was rejuvenating, spiritually healing and best of all my body was free of toxins and I felt 10 years younger and 10 lbs lighter. It was amazing. I would highly recommend this experience. There was no pressure, no pain, just relaxation and renewal. Jan is awesome! She makes you feel like she’s been your personal friend and coach. She gets it. She doesn’t judge and she knows her stuff! I’m ready to go again!!! Thanks, Jan!! Lisa


Annette M.
Piercy, CA

I have one word to say about this cleanse with Jan, AMAZING!! I have tried many cleanses and this one was far the best. I knew going in i would get worse before getting better but thought i would give this one a try. I was real toxic (parasites, candida and digestive issuse) It was soo nice not to have to juice wheat grass and gag trying to get it down. Jan has a different approach and it just simply works better. She is pretty much there when you need her where the other cleanses if you were dying in your room they would never know. Her classes are wonderful and knowledgeable. I have gone a few years in a row now and look forward every year to cleanse and to see Jan. I also lose about 9lbs every time and glow when i leave. The first two days are like hell for me but by the third day im a happy camper, I go home a better wife and mother and feel fantastic. Believe it or not i even love the colonics!! I would recommend this cleanse to anyone and everyone who has low energy and feels toxic, it works..for real!!! Your not even hungry either when your fasting. Its awesome:-) Give Jan a call, you wont regret it!!


Joy S.
New York, NY

I have done fasting and detox programs in many places over a number of years. The program Jan leads is challenging physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. As a multiple year cleanse veteran, I can tell you Rejuvenate with Jan works.
And why? Jan herself!

She is pure love, her being inspires and motivates helping us move towards our potential in so many ways. REJUVENATE WITH JAN- make room for all the joy that the universe has to offer!

transformational breathwork

Anni J.
La Quinta, CA

Jan and I have worked together for five years. During this time our relationship has evolved into a deep friendship and enduring professional partnership.

I treasure and resonate with her personal and heartfelt approach to making her cleansing-detox retreats, a holistic and life-changing experience for the fasters. Her clients have shared with me, that the cleanse had a lasting effect on their lives. They feel more alive and full of energy, having shed pounds of toxic waste and unhealthy cravings. Mentally and emotionally they are able to relase stress, and negative thoughts and emotions. They also shared with me how important it is that the retreat is for fasters only, not having to deal with other guests who are eating or drinking. During the retreat I am impressed by Jan’s daily and ongoing support of all the fasters, making the process easy and accessible for everyone.

Trust her guidance and you will experience amazing results.


Katie H.
Asbury Park, NJ

For more than three decades I have lived my life focused on nutrition, holistic health, and alternative medicine
There is no doubt that “Rejuvenate With Jan” works. After 10 years, I remain an annual attendee of Jan’s program for several reasons, but two of the most important are Jan herself and the services and products she offers. Jan truly cares about her clients and each individual’s success while in her care and even after the cleanse.

Jan understands the challenges that new clients experience, and she is mindful of what return clients need. For someone like me – who has been to the program multiple times – Jan is able to offer new and different services to make the experience original each time. Her attention to detail and her ability to make fasting effortless is unmatched.

I have experienced many other cleanses known for high volume, high expense, and those that cater to celebrities. But, for me, there is simply no comparison to “Rejuvenate With Jan”. Jan’s program will change your life.


T. B.
Vancouver, WA

I attended the cleanse with Jan last year in Palm Springs, it was educational as well as effective. I spoke with Jan prior to attending and had a clear understanding as far as what to expect. It was a great experience, I would love to do this every year, I felt great afterwards and had energy I hadn’t had in many years. I will say that I do believe the best thing was getting rid of the heavy metals and toxins in my body. I would suggest to anyone attending to follow her advice and not eat any thing heavy 2 days prior to the cleanse, it does help. Be prepared that if you are a person who eats toxic foods, ie fast food, you will feel the toxins and chemicals working their way out. I would recommend for anyone to attend her cleanse, it was fun and casual, I met some great people and enjoyed the relaxing environment. I will see you again Jan!


James C.
Gualala, CA

Hello my name is Jim and I attended one of Jan’s cleanses a few years ago and had an incredable experience.Jan opened my eyes to a lot of things about my body that truely helped me.Not only does Jan cleanse your body but she takes a personal interest in your needs.She really CARES I would recomend Jan to anyone without hesatation.I plan on doing one of her clenses again this winter


Santa Monica, CA

Simply doesn’t get any better than Jan Minter for cleansing. It wasn’t just a cleanse it was a life-transforming event.

My husband likes to joke that he gave up eating, drinking and smoking on the same day! Four years on I am happy to say that we are both in the best of health and although my husband did resume eating after the cleanse he is still smoke and alcohol-free! Thank you Jan for your
life-transformation. Much love x


Jo P.
Flagstaff, AZ

I participated in Jan’s detox cleanse in 2010, and felt so healthy and peaceful after. Jan has devised a program which is very effective, relaxing, and restorative.

The setting is comfortable with plenty of opportunity to rest, sunbathe, chat with other clients, and to heal. Mainstays of the cleanse are herbal teas, fresh green drinks, lots of pure water to drink and colon cleansing which provides such release. Massage, sauna sessions, and yoga are offered and I left feeling pampered and 20 years younger. My skin was clear, my mental state was calmer and I felt that I had energy to do anything! At 60 yrs old, that is a wonderful feeling!

Jan is very experienced in leading this process, and has years of background in the field. I would heartily recommend this cleanse to anyone!


Laura B.
Los Angeles, CA

I have done cleanses over the years…some on my own and some more formal. Jan puts her whole heart into her work. She has done so much research and knows so much. I left her retreat feeling squeeky clean and bright. I felt wonderful and she makes it very easy to continue taking better care of yourself. If you are thinking of doing something like this…Jan is your gal.


Anthony C.
South Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

After spending too many years behind a desk working 10-12 hours a day, my body was beaten down and tired. I would often fall asleep at my desk for hours at a time. At this point, I needed a major change so I attended a Detox Fast with Jan. I found the fast to be easier than expected and the time passed quickly as I enjoyed the hotel and the company and all I learned. I would highly recommend attending!

Antonia D.
Los Angeles, CA

Jan’s program is incredible! She has developed an effective cleansing protocol that is rigorous, yet easy to follow. I have done the cleanse several times. Each time, I walk away feeling truly rejuvenated and alive. This is one of those health measures that should be done at least once a year. I just completed the cleansing program again after 3 years away. I will never do that again! I had forgotten the energy and zest for life I was missing, by not taking time to care for my body. Despite the rigor of the cleanse, there are spa facilities that make the process more enjoyable. And although losing weight was not my reason for going, I did lose 6 pounds! Last but not least, Jan is a very knowledgeable, caring, and committed to her clients! And her goofy humor is a pleasant change to all the seriousness of my work life!