Precleanse Info

It is MOST BENEFICIAL for you to do a “PRECLEANSE.” That means for two to four days prior to starting this cleansing program, eat and drink ONLY certain things.

They are:

  • Any raw fruit or vegetable. The veggies may be steamed or cooked. Just remember that when you cook anything it lessens if not kills all the nutritional value
  • Teas (caffeine-free) and LOTS of filtered water. You may add lemon to the water
  • Any kind of juice (preferably vegetable).  If possible have fresh squeezed and organic!
  • THAT’S IT!

Do the best you can….it will make the cleanse even more effective.

What a great experience I had in that your program was comprehensive and very educational. Thank you for devoting your life to a healthier way and sharing it with everyone who’s interested! Really appreciate your work! Thank you for resetting my palate and all of my senses! Your support staff, colon therapists, yoga instructors and massage therapists were exceptional.  I was elated and instead of dreading the next session, I was realizing it was the most effective and productive part of the day. The entire program is designed to lose as much toxicity as possible during your week’s cleanse. I felt totally confident under the careful and experienced care of Jan. She was thorough, educated professional, sweet and considerate, never imposing or judgmental. If you are ready to reset your systems, recharge your life, reset your palate, then enjoy the amazing flavors of nature to it’s fullest and join Jan in a life changing retreat. Follow the steps diligently and you will be amazed at the results.

You helped take the garbage out of people’s minds and bodies!! You are truly making the world a cleaner and brighter place to be!! All my senses are keenly grateful.

-Deborah Kimes