Accommodations – 30+ Years Experience – Less than 2 hours from Los Angeles

Because there are only fasters on site, you do not have to deal with people eating, cooking or drinking next to you. It is very important to not have to deal with non-fasters around. THIS COULD MAKE OR BREAK YOUR FASTING/DETOX EXPERIENCE.

All accommodations are included in the price of the retreat.

Please note that any time you come with a friend you will save $600 PER PERSON when you share a room.That is a $1200 savings between the two of you. Quite a lot of money!

At Lido Palms Resort and Spa they have a few rooms with two beds in them so that you can each have your own bed. Also at Lido I can put people in that don’t know each other so you can save money without bringing a friend.

Lido Palms Resort & Spa

Lido Palms Resort & Spa is a tranquil and peaceful setting. Surrounded by many beautiful mature palm trees, it is a great place to lounge in either the indoor or outdoor hot mineral water pools. Enjoy 10 spacious and large rooms with full kitchens and tempur-pedic beds. Many rooms have two beds. Sauna on site. It will ONLY be us fasters on site.

Also, offering Yoga, Meditation, Sauna, Natural Hot Mineral Spring Waters, Full Service Spa and Breathwork. We Care More!


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I just wanted to thank you for a great retreat. It is amazing to me that you have put so many great resources together, the colon therapists and great spa services. You always do such a good job getting everyone through the cleanse. Thank you so much.

My only embarrassment was the fact the capri’s I wore on my flight out to Palm Springs were completely falling off of me in the airport today! A very good embarrassment! Thank you again for all of your help. It was a great week.

-Jessica Hare
Lone Tree, Colorado