Jan Minter – 30+ Years Experience

When I did my first cleanse, I went in craving Cheetos and peanut M&M’s. I came out wanting strawberries and avocados. That was an amazing and welcome change for me!!

A toxic body will crave toxic food…a healthy body will crave healthy food!

I was 33 when I did my first cleanse.  When I came home my friends thought I had a face-lift!  I was shocked that they had thought that.  I just hadn’t realized how terrible I must have looked at that time.  I laugh at it now as it was pretty funny, however that just proves how stressed I must have looked before the cleanse.  I had seen myself everyday through the whole process and didn’t realize what a difference I radiated afterwards. It was exciting and wonderful to feel so great, and I hate to say it but it was also pretty great that everyone noticed. Yes, I did it for myself but hey…I am only human!!

I now want to help others to feel vibrant, optimistic, fun-loving, lighthearted and HEALTHY….all this can come from a cleansing experience.

I have been a massage therapist for over 30 years and a colon hydrotherapist for many years. I have worked at a world renowned cleansing spa. I have been a guest at cleansing spas all over the world. So I have been on both sides of the speculum….so to speak.

Professionally I have been doing cleanses for over 20 years but personally I have been doing cleanses for over 30 years. As I said previously, my very first fasting retreat completely changed my life. I was a binge over-eater and wanted to lose some weight. Life was stressful and I just needed a break to get myself healthy and on track both emotionally and mentally.

My interest in detoxing, cleansing and fasting led me to become a colon therapist. I also began to travel and go to juicing, fasting and detox retreats all over the world. I learned from each and every experience. I learned what worked and sometimes more importantly, what did not work. I would walk around with my notebook asking everyone their experiences. I not only learned what worked for me but also what worked for others.  Little did I know that years later I would be doing this for a living.

After traveling far and wide I decided that there needed to be more choices for people in America and thus I started “Rejuvenate with Jan” Detox Cleansing Fast Retreats. The results have been amazing from the beginning and to this day when the retreats are done and I see everyone leave, I am so full of gratitude that these people that I have grown to care about so much are so full of hope, health and happiness. They are renewed and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer.This is truly a life-changing experience for both them and myself.

Many people have told me the following: “This 5-day Detox Cleansing Fast Retreat has been more effective and long-lasting than other 21 and even 28 days programs.” I know this sounds unbelievable. I have experienced it myself; however, I am only willing to write it because I’ve heard sooooo many people say it. ‘

I know you have many choices on places to go. Hey, time is money and you may as well use both wisely. This website provides the specifics of what we are doing cleanse-wise during the fast so you can be informed before you book. I hope to see you in the future!

It was a very wonderful week for me and I want to thank you, Jan for making it possible.  It is wonderful to see you doing something you love and are successful at.  Keep on keeping on!

Seattle, Washington

Amazing grandkids!   Life is great!