Testimonials – 30+ Years Experience

I decided to take my first trip from ‘down under’ Australia and venture across thousands of miles to the sunny state of California and enrolled in a detox retreat with Jan in the Desert. It was scheduled on the last week of my holiday, before a weekend in Las Vegas, so I might not have chosen the best time to do it, but I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done.

Jan has such a wealth of knowledge on natural health, I learnt so much, met some amazing people, including my lovely neighbour Sue, our conversation and laughs kept my mind off the fasting and made it fun. The environment as so peaceful, beautiful, and healing. I also loved the yoga, I had never done yoga before but there was something so beautiful about doing this outside, with the birds in the background singing and the beautiful Cali sunshine and blue skies.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering any kind of fast or detox, as you are supported by Jan every step of the way, you get to meet lovely people to share your time with and learn from, and just the experience in itself is so very worth it, and Jan is the best! She is so helpful and lovely. Recently I emailed Jan about some health related advice from a sickness I developed from an overseas holiday last September and she replied with all the advice and recommendations to get my health back on track. So you are in great hands! Don’t procrastinate, just do it! Your body will love you for it.

-Tania Jennings
Melbourne Australia

My husband and I came to Jan’s retreat. This was his first cleanse.  I have done many types of cleanses, but this was the most professional, best organized, and lots of fun.  Thanks to Jan’s light-hearted nature.  And best of all, it was also the most effective in terms of real results.  For both of us!

Mill Valley, California

Just so you guys know that the cleanse was my launching pad emotionally and I am carrying through with everything I decided to do while there. It was as if the cleanse gave me the strength and belief in my inner self and body which made me more courageous.

-Cyndi Wilson
Santa Barbara California

Jan, You are such a wonderful gift to this world! This week has healed me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thanks for your kind consideration and thoughtfulness throughout this whole process.  This experience will be treasured in my heart forever.  Thank you!  What I especially appreciated was the daily check list with the schedule laid out..super helpful.

-Jennifer Richcreek
Kodiak, Alaska

Thank you for making it all so easy and accessible for us.  I have been deeply inspired to go to the next level of health.  Your courage, brilliance, humor and willingness to dance with each of us through it all is such a gift.  In fact, you are teaching.  You walk your talk girl and you do so with such honest, humility, spaciousness and joy.  Your unwavering trust in people’s process even when it look and feels super shitty, is an inspiration.  Thank you Jan!

-Melissa Michaels
Boulder, Colorado

What a great experience I had in that your program was comprehensive and very educational. Thank you for devoting your life to a healthier way and sharing it with everyone who’s interested! Really appreciate your work! Thank you for resetting my palate and all of my senses! Your support staff, colon therapists, yoga instructors and massage therapists were exceptional.  I was elated and instead of dreading the next session, I was realizing it was the most effective and productive part of the day. The entire program is designed to lose as much toxicity as possible during your week’s cleanse. I felt totally confident under the careful and experienced care of Jan. She was thorough, educated professional, sweet and considerate, never imposing or judgmental. If you are ready to reset your systems, recharge your life, reset your palate, then enjoy the amazing flavors of nature to it’s fullest and join Jan in a life changing retreat. Follow the steps diligently and you will be amazed at the results.

You helped take the garbage out of people’s minds and bodies!! You are truly making the world a cleaner and brighter place to be!! All my senses are keenly grateful.

-Deborah Kimes
Northern California

When I arrived at the fast I had aches and pains all over in my back, neck…I had gained some weight in the last year. I feel the weight is gone and my back pain is totally eliminated.  I can honestly say that I feel the best I’ve felt EVER!  Thanks Jan!

-Parise Comier

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you again SO MUCH for helping me through this week. You really are so great at what you do! XOXO

-Elizabeth MacLeod
Chicago Park, Illinois

I just wanted to thank you again for the great week I had at your retreat. I feel so GREAT!!! I would definitely come back!! You were so informative and kind and caring and great sense of humor. Thank you for making it such a great week, I have really learned a lot and feel it gave me a jump start again on eating in a healthier pattern and taking care of myself better. Also what a great group we had!! I will defiantly be seeing you again in the future, next time I will really like to bring my husband. Thank you !! Thank you!!

-Adriana Schiappa
Rolling Hills, California

I had a great experience and as time went on I noticed everyone’s skin starting to look really nice.  It was fun to meet people and see the changed everyone was going through.  I definitely feel like I learned alot I can use for the future.  The support was great and Jan is a wonderful guide though it all.


Thanks again Jan! This has truly changed my outlook on life.

-Kristin Casnas
Atlanta Georgia

I just wanted to thank you for a great retreat. It is amazing to me that you have put so many great resources together, the colon therapists and great spa services. You always do such a good job getting everyone through the cleanse. Thank you so much.

My only embarrassment was the fact the Capri’s I wore on my flight out to Palm Springs were completely falling off of me in the airport today! A very good embarrassment! Thank you again for all of your help. It was a great week.

-Jessica Hare
Lone Tree, Colorado

Thank you for a fabulous week! I loved every minute of it & it was a treat working with you!! Love,


Hello Amazing Gorgeous Jan, Thank you for keeping me in your emails –I will do it again some day. I had another baby (a beautiful baby girl) she is 5 month ago. My body was so healthy after the retreat. Thank you for telling me that I will have another one. It works. I was being positive every day.

Also, would it be possible for you to give me the contact email of the lady who was doing the breath work. I would also love to tell her that I am a mom again, because she also the one who told me that she could see it….Amazing. You guys are angels. Anyways, Lots of love. Hope to see you soon.

-Alice  Francillon
La Jolla, California

I’m so very glad that I made what turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life to take part in a week of Rejuvenate with Jan. I had never done anything remotely like this before and I traveled a long way to get there. I chose it because of the clarity and sincerity of Jan’s website. Any doubts or reservations I had were taken away by the beauty and tranquility of the location and the warmth and friendliness of Jan herself. She has a genuine concern for each and every person in the group and gives careful and well planned guidance making the experience very easy and successful. I am writing this after having been back home for a week and I can report that I have more energy than I thought possible. People say they can see a real difference in me. This program was well worth every mile I traveled and every penny I paid.

-Edward Baugh
Millerstown, Pennsylvania

I have been suffering with a immune disease for almost a year taking massive amounts of medications to kill the disease and supplements to replace what I was killing. For 9 months I was in bed with fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, blurred vision and about 3 pages of other symptoms that I won’t go into. I felt so toxic I decided I needed to clean out my body. I didn’t have a lot of time to take off and found Jan’s cleanse and signed up. Well, I had no idea how much I would benefit from this. Day 3 I called my husband at 6am SO excited, thinking clearly, in no pain, awake and feeling SO ALIVE I had to tell him his wife was back. I can’t thank Jan enough for what she does for her fasters. She is such a caring, loving, compassionate person I feel truly blessed to have her in my life and thankful for what she offers. This experience has changed my life. If you are in need of a jump start to wellness or even a change in your life I would recommend Jan’s program. Go in with no expectations and just walk through this journey. It’s amazing! Thank you Jan for everything!

Tustin, California

I wanted you to know how valuable I found your retreat. I have felt so much more centered since I did it and truly, I was really happy not eating for a while. Getting rid of those toxins helped my brain focus and not drinking caffeine has really decreased my overall anxiety.  I have talked to many people about you and your incredible work. I look forward to reconnecting. 🙂

-Leelia Franck

This past week was so wonderful and very special. What an experience! I feel that it gave me the kick start that I needed to get on the right track. And I really do feel “un-stuck” in many ways! You are such an amazing person and it is very obvious that you put your heart and soul into making the retreat perfect for us. From the movies you brought, to the information and bags of perfectly measured “everything” you gave out…It was so meticulous and well thought out. And made it easy for us!

I was impressed with everything (including you) and am so glad that I took that time to get away and to learn from you. Thank you for all your support and for your positive attitude. It was an absolute pleasure. I’ll be telling everyone! I feel soooo much better! Thank you!

-Carla Haas
San Francisco

Your website was very easy to navigate, informative, professional and interesting. It’s quite obvious your passion and I wanted to take the time to give you my applause! I’m quite observant to details and it looks like you are doing a fantastic thing! Bravo Jan!


Annie is quite a gifted breathwork therapist. She is very intuitive and encouraging to help you reach new levels in your life. Annie works from her heart and she is all about letting the warmth of love guide your being.

I sat in with my husband at the end of his 2nd session with Annie, and found that the experience was both beautiful and intense. Yes, emotions surface, but they are allowed to pass and obstacles can dissolve leaving you feeling closer to your true self. As a couple, we grew closer because of the experience.

Please share this with any others that are interested in trying Annie’s sessions.

-Heidi Rose Gerner

One of the most wonderful gifts I have ever given to myself was to make the time for my seven-day cleanse with Jan. I can’t pin-point it exactly, but I think it is fair to say that I have done an excellent job at making other people and events in my life the priority since I was about seven years old…always seeking accolades for being helpful and efficient. These are two “gifts” I offer to people in my life. Needless to say, after 30 years of being very helpful and efficient for everyone else, putting myself first and giving myself the time and space needed to be present not easy and definitely not the norm. Making the time in my life to travel to Jan’s retreat was the opening I needed. When I learned about the transformational breathe work sessions and the work Anni has done over the years, I knew her sessions would have a big impact on my cleanse experience. Over the course of my seven-day cleanse, I had three sessions with Anni. The work I did with Anni gave me the ultimate “pass” on always worrying about others, about always being efficient, and holding onto hurt and disappointment in my life. Anni works softly with real impact. She touched my spirit and allowed me to fully receive her gifts…her help…her support and her energy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Love,

-Ryan Johnson
San Francisco, California

I just came from another retreat other than yours. It was just ok. Not at all what I expected. During a cleanse with you, I came out feeling so wonderful! The difference was night & day. 🙂 But now I know!!!! I’ll be in touch,

-Karen McAfee
Fairbanks, Alaska

I wanted to write a review of the experience I recently had (last week) with a Cleanse.  It was run by “Jan”.   I  want to send a glowing review about how great Jan is and how glad I am to know about her program. I never once felt hungry or “deprived” because she has every hour of the day filled with this supplement or that electrolyte drink, you get my drift. It was the best cleanse I could have ever had and I will continue to return year after year because of her!

The Rejuvenate with Jan cleanse works and is awesome!

-Lynn Sawyer
Los Angeles, California

Everything was great. Wonderful…challenging but surreal!! Everyone was glowing last night…it was amazing to see how people were before and then after the cleanse. Jan, you are an amazing woman!! this week I felt like you were a teacher, a friend, a mother. Thank you. I love you!


I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and peaceful this week was. I worried that “not eating” would leave me cranky and anxious, but that just didn’t happen. I think it’s because of all the knowledge and support we received. We knew what to expect so were prepared for the worst, but also knew if that happened you’d be right there to help. I learned a lot about small changed that will have a big impact on health. Overall, a great, relaxing experience. Thank you! Thank you!

Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Amazing experience. Thank you for holding ground for a bunch of flyers.  Your presence was the key ingredient this week because of your certainly and humor…and equanimity. Thank you so much. XOXO


Hi Jan. I wanted to say thank you for a life changing experience.  When I came to you I had been so depressed and was carrying so much emotional baggage. I am better now and  I know that I will continue with my journey. I thank you for giving me a fresh beginning. I lost lots of weight too which is always a bonus!


When I subscribed to Jan’s program, I did so with a certain amount of personal trepidation and hesitation. In fact, on the morning before the fast I was actually going to cancel! I did attend, and frankly it is one of the most valued undertakings of my life. The program was tremendous…in many ways. The actual benefits of the fast and cleanse are incredible. However, the educational aspects are of perhaps greater value. The information given and exchanged has caused me to fundamentally reconsider my management of my dietary patterns and related habits. Additionally, an unexpected “bonus” was the individuals who participated in the program with me during my stay. Diversity was the commonalty, and the support that I was given by everyone was invaluable to my successful completion of the program. IN summary, I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who operates in a highly charged and stressed environment, who finds it difficult to actually relax, anyone who dietary patterns have gone of the edge, anyone who is in need of a “jumpstart” or reorientation…..in other words , I am recommending this program to myself. Every year.

-Roger Torriero
Laguna Beach, California

I had a great week!  I like the way you help people but also give us space to be alone in our thoughts and soul searching.  I loved the staff.  Jenny was a wonderful Colon Therapist.  Loved the Transformational Breathwork with Anni.  My belly is about half the size it was when I first got here.  I loved my time here and you are a wonderful and caring person.  Everything was very well organized and I liked the schedule. Thanks so much!  LB  Ca.  I have never been able to endure a fast the way I was able to here with you.  Most of my cleanse experiences left me weak and depleted feeling…After just 4 days with you I have renewed energy and zest for life…exactly what I hoped to gain.  I more out of this cleanse than others I have done and I can say is a deep thank you for helping me gain perspective in life.  I’ve always felt that I led a pretty healthy life, but reality is I’ve been way off track, even with all the knowledge I have.  I too chase the easy road of convenience.  This is a great start in the direction I’ve always wanted to go.  Thank you Jan!

-Sara Finch
Seattle, Washington

I liked the fact that I not once experienced hunger pain!  Thank you!!


This has been an amazing experience. You created a safe focused environment to be able to do this. You have a wealth of knowledge. The education I am taking away with me has changed my relationship with food and my body in such a positive healthy way – exactly what I was looking for and my goal through this program. This is the best gift I have given to myself.


Jan, Thanks so much for a life-changing experience.  I think you have put together a terrific program and brought together some outstanding people.  Really loved getting to meet you, Jenny and Anni.  In appreciation,


This was an amazing experience all around. I have learned so much and can feel all the many benefits. I feel this has been the catalyst for me to create a new life for myself.

-Gail Field

It was a very wonderful week for me and I want to thank you, Jan for making it possible.  It is wonderful to see you doing something you love and are successful at.  Keep on keeping on!

Seattle, Washington

Thank you again for the last week.  The experience was transformational for me.  My new healthy cravings will drive much better choices and I have found the healthy “me” again!  In gratitude,

-Laurie Jacobson Jones
Oakland, California

Just had to be said: You are adorable!  Really, your enthusiasm for life and people is infectious.  Your hard work has paid off, you are now a shining bright life that other want to learn from!  Thank you for this wonderful program you have created for all of us to learn from.  Also, it is feeding a hunger we all have, despite the lack of food!  I look forward and am happy to have such a beautiful refuge to incorporate into my life.  Feels like I have a healthy support system here.  Thank you for that,

-Sunny Peoples
Newport Beach, California

Thank you very much Jan for a great cleansing experience!  We will try to be back once a year.  Loved the colon therapist.  She really made us feel at ease.  Great group and fellow fasters that we hope to stay in touch with.  And of course, you with your great spirit and sense of humor!

Middletown, New Jersey

As usual it has been an enlightening week.  Thank you for your insight, support and dedication to good heath.

-Leslie Bennett
Rolling Hills Estates, California

Everything about this experience was wonderful.  So much more than I expected.  Adding the breathwork completed the whole mind-body experience.  I think you did a great job with getting us as much information as you could.  There’s so much, it’s a little overwhelming at times, but I’m grateful to get a start and thank you for being so accommodating. You made my experience amazing. Your attitude, support and cheering section was great!  This made me aware of my life as a whole.  This retreat gave me the tools to begin my life.  I can’t wait to come back next year!  Also, PRICE IS PERFECT!! Thank you!

New York, New York