Upon booking your reservation, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required. You can either pay the 50% or pay the complete balance now. IF you are only paying the 50% then the remaining NON-REFUNDABLE balance will be charged to your credit card 20 days prior to the start of the cleanse. If it is already within the 20 days prior to the cleansing retreat then the whole balance is due.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you can’t make it and don’t have travel/trip insurance then IF I have someone to fill your spot then you can move to another retreat.

Once you book and agree to attend the “Rejuvenate with Jan Cleansing Retreat,” please understand there is no cancellation for ANY reason. ANY reason includes however not limited to sickness, natural disasters, non-natural disasters, and pandemic. Travel/Trip insurance is strongly recommended. Her info is below. Reservations are only for those serious in wanting to make their life better and can make a commitment to doing so.

I also give Jan Minter the authorization to charge my credit card the remaining balance when it is 20 days ahead of the Cleansing Fast Retreat.

Please be sure Jan Minter (Me!) has prescreened you before booking. EVEN RETURNING guests have to prescreen for each retreat prior to booking. You can do it via the online form here, e-mail me or call me 323-259-8939. I prescreen via e-mail. Thanks so much!


Travel/Trip Insurance is strongly recommended. This is a total win-win scenario, especially in these times.  Please call Travel Guard 800-454-7107. Remember that there are NO refunds! Once your deposit is made, I strongly advise that you purchase travel/trip insurance.


Check-in is between 3 pm and 6 pm. You can arrive earlier however your room may not be cleaned and ready until 3 pm. Please arrive at the latest by 6 pm for a pre-cleanse meal with fellow fasters. We can relax and chat about the exciting upcoming week and I can answer any questions you may have at that time before starting the cleanse the next morning. Check out will be by 11AM on Friday.

I’m so very glad that I made what turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life to take part in a week of Rejuvenate with Jan. I had never done anything remotely like this before and I traveled a long way to get there. I chose it because of the clarity and sincerity of Jan’s web site. Any doubts or reservations I had were taken away by the beauty and tranquility of the location and the warmth and friendliness of Jan herself. She has a genuine concern for each and every person in the group and gives careful and well planned guidance making the experience very easy and successful. I am writing this after having been back home for a week and I can report that I have more energy than I thought possible. People say they can see a real difference in me. This program was well worth every mile I traveled and every penny I paid.

-Edward Baugh
Millerstown, Pennsylvania