If you are at a crossroads in life…Breathwork is the perfect healing modality to overcome and deal with this. Are you dealing with sadness, grief, loneliness or uncertainty? Are you wanting to make changes and just don’t have the will power or motivation to do it? Are you dealing with the loss of a job, loved one, house or relationship? Are you having difficulties with parents, children and/or relatives? Do you have toxic people in your life or in your work? Bills may be piling up…who knows… could be anything and everything! Even when life is going as planned it can be stressful. Yes, again, Breathwork can move this “stuck” energy out of your body and get rid of the anxiety and fear that may be there. You CAN get rid of it and move forward. Let go of whatever is holding you back in life.

I have heard from many people that just one session did more for them than 10 years of therapy.  Of course, I could say to that…maybe they should have had a different therapist!

Anni Johansen is a breath worker and coach. She works with people from all over the world to have the courage to move through what is holding them back from being who they truly are. Anni is amazing; she has known clients who have been able to “move on” or “let go” of issues that they have been dealing with for many years in just one or two sessions.

What is Breathwork?

Have you ever felt frustrated, stressed out, angry, depressed and not motivated in your life? …Like you were repeating the same old self-destructive patterns over and over again – regarding health, relationships, happiness and creativity? Therapy helps, but this amazing breathing technique is so much faster. It goes to the core of the issues–releasing fear, anxiety, stress, doubt and patterns of diseases. Breathwork is a powerful method of realigning the body’s energy, dissolving energetic blocks to well-being. By LOVING and HEALING YOURSELF, you become a major catalyst for changing the world. What are you waiting for? I invite you to create this experience for yourself!! ($100 for an hour and 20 min appt)

Anni was recommended to me while I was doing a detoxifying cleanse in Palm Desert. At the time I resisted signing up right away as I felt quite tired and did not want to do any strenuous breathing.

When I did do the session with Anni it was intuitively tailored to me and my energy level.

Anni was amazing, her presence was soothing and gentle and yet she was just so effective in moving the block that was holding me back from releasing my pain. The two hour session was just what I needed to move forward.

I HIGHLY recommend her and her work for moving whatever energy is in your space that holds you back from deep healing and joy.

-Anarah, Orange County