What’s Included in the Program – 30+ Years Experience

I do my best to keep prices as low as possible without cutting corners. If I were to run the retreat out of my house that would make prices much lower however I much prefer the ambiance of a full-service spa located in a boutique Spa-tel (10 rooms) with the hot natural mineral waters. We are in our own PEACEFUL, PRIVATE bubble here. No outside distractions. There is no restaurant onsite (wafting food smells/temptation). No one cooking, partying, having cocktails, bar-b-queuing or eating in front of you. I only allow fasters doing the program on premises making it a powerful experience. All this makes it much more effective with long-lasting results and LIFE-CHANGING results.

Congratulations on doing something for you and your health! With so many “cleanses” out there it can be overwhelming deciding on the right one for you. One size doesn’t fit all and just because places say they offer “Juice or RAW food” cleanses doesn’t mean they have the expertise and knowledge that is needed to do a safe and effective program.

What is different about Rejuvenate with Jan is I will be guiding you through the entire cleanse not just giving you a book and instructions on what to do. I am there on site with you pretty much day and night. You are never really alone. I am always close by if you need me. This is not a “self-guided” experience. Everyone on site is fasting so there are no other guests there eating and drinking making it difficult for you. It is very important to not have to deal with non-fasters around. THIS COULD MAKE OR BREAK YOUR FASTING/DETOX EXPERIENCE.

Please note:  My green juice is fresh juiced that day and you will drink it right away.  It is not flown in from somewhere else from the day before.

The Rejuvenate with Jan Detox Cleansing Fast Retreat is much more effective and long-lasting that a juice fasting retreat. That is my humble however very experienced opinion. A juice fasting retreat has fruit juice on it and mine doesn’t. That is only one of the reasons.

  • I only use FRESH ORGANIC Green Juice (juiced daily) for my program.
  • I am going for life-changing long lasting results. That will not happen if fruit juice is used.

Also, offering Yoga, Meditation, Sauna, Natural Hot Mineral Spring Waters, Full Service Spa and Breathwork. We Care More!

I have been doing cleanses myself for over 30 years personally and 20+ years professionally. I always begin with a prescreening process and if iI don’t think this cleanse is a good fit for you I will refer you to a place that I feel will be a great fit for you and your health.


All accommodations ARE included in the rates. (Please see the accommodations page to see details of resorts info).

At the Lido Resort and Spa you have the option of either getting a colonic ($75) or doing a self-administered method of colon cleansing. There is no charge for the self-administered method.

Supplements, juices & drinks:

You will be given EVERYTHING that is needed to cleanse most effectively and intensely in the shortest period of time. I know time is money. All of these supplements, juices and drinks do several important things. They aid and accelerate the detoxification and purification of the body. They provide support and nourishment for the body and improve energy production. They stimulate and facilitate the release of toxins from our most important organs. They also facilitate the removal of toxins from the digestive systems. They benefit every organ, every system, every joint and every cell in the body. These supplements do not require a lot of digestion, and therefore do not interrupt the cleansing process.

This is a very intense and effective Detox Cleansing Fast Retreat. Actually more powerful than just a juice fast offered at other facilities. You are supplemented almost every hour from the minute you wake up til when you go to bed. All good going in and all bad coming out. Most people will be getting way more nutritional supplementation than they would normally get when eating their regular diet.

Examples of the cleansing and nutritional herbs and support are:

  • detox teas
  • lemon water
  • electrolyte drinks
  • cayenne
  • minerals
  • probiotics
  • wheat grass
  • chlorophyll
  • enzymes
  • fiber
  • fresh organic juice
  • organic soups
  • drinks to stabilize your blood sugar
  • a special detoxification drink taken a few times a day


Various lectures of interest will be given on cleansing that will support you during and after your detoxification and transformation. I educate you during our daily class on why it’s so important to fast and eliminating all the toxins from your body and why it’s so important to rest and allowing your body to heal. Your health, well-being and SAFETY are my main concerns and the utmost importance to me. Remember knowledge is power. You want to know why are you are doing what you are doing so it can have a lasting impact on your life.  You will also learn how to continue on your journey when you get home.

Transformational breathing (when available and by appointment):

I don’t want to tell you too much about this. I loved it. The person who facilitates it is an inspiration to me. I can’t wait to talk to you about it afterwards! Yes, you are in for a surprise! Please look at Transformational Breathwork page for more info. ($100 for a hour and 20 min appt)

Yoga/meditation classes:

Yoga & meditation classes will be provided to balance and heal your body.

Colon cleansing:

This is of the utmost importance during a cleanse. You have the choice of either doing the self-administered method or getting a colonic with the professional. Not doing either is not an option. You need to be rid of all the toxins that are loosened and ready to come out. If allowed to circulate and you don’t get them out fast enough then you will/can experience feelings of not-so-well-being. The colon cleansing will lessen, if not take away all those feelings. Colonics with the professional Colon Therapist are available at an additional cost.

Additional amenities & supplements:

  • Skin brushing–the brush will be furnished.
  • Detox baths
  • Aftercare probiotics
  • Pool & jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Mineral baths
  • World Famous Natural Hot Mineral Springs Waters

All of this information is important and needed for you to make the right decision for your cleansing experience. Please read what my former & returning fasters have said about my program and contact me with any questions. I look forward to helping you through your road to health and happiness.

Jan, Thanks so much for a life-changing experience.  I think you have put together a terrific program and brought together some outstanding people.  Really loved getting to meet you, Jenny and Anni.  In appreciation-